Bees are the unsung heroes of our planet. Dive deep into the life, habits, and challenges these incredible pollinators face. From their intricate dances to their vital role in our food chain, there’s so much to uncover.

watercolour Blue banded bee on a blue background

What Do Bees Do In Summer

Everyone knows that bee season starts in spring, but the action really ramps up in early summer. What do bees do in summer that they can’t do the rest of the year? Quite a bit! Everything from climate control to nest maintenance, food production, and caring for young, summer is the busiest time of year …

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a grounded bee

How To Save A Grounded Bee?

To save a grounded bee you can just create a simple sugar syrup at home using granulated sugar and tap water. Mix two parts of water to one part of granulated white sugar to create a sugar solution ideal for saving grounded bees that need a quick energy boost. Should I feed a grounded bee …

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Rubbish bin overflowing contributing towards destruction of natural habitat

How does habitat loss affect Bees

Habitat loss is a significant threat to bee populations worldwide, but how does it affect bees and their ability to thrive? From residential expansion to increases in agricultural productivity, thousands of bee species are suffering a population decline and hundreds are at risk of extinction. Understanding how habitat loss will affect bees is the key …

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solitary bee collecting nectar from a plant

The Best Plants For Solitary Bees

Solitary bees are vital to the ecosystem and are known to pollinate with incredible efficiency. Crop production benefits from the excellent cross-pollination abilities of solitary bees such as the red mason bee, certain types of plants are specialized to only be pollinated by certain bee species. Our gardens are often filled with honeybees and bumblebees, …

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solitary mining bee

The Lifecycle of a Solitary Bee

When you think of bees, you will probably immediately think of fuzzy bumblebees, their bums coated with pollen as they jump from flower to flower, or busy little honey bees carrying nectar back to the hive to make into that sweet syrup we all know and love. The mention of solitary bees seems to throw …

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two honeybees on a yellow flower

How Do Bees Mate? A Dangerous Dance

Have you ever wondered how bees mate and reproduce in such large numbers? Look no further, we’ve created a detailed guide to help you understand how common bee species increase their population. From queen honey bees and the drones they mate with to furrier varieties of bumblebees and their mating rituals, we’ll take a closer …

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how long do bees live for

How Long Does A Bee Live For?

While there isn’t one single answer to how long a bee lives, the western honeybee worker lives for between 35 – 180 days based on several factors including season and location. Bumblebee workers live for less time between 13 and 41 days. How Long Do Honey Bees Live For? Type Of Honeybee Life Cycle Queen …

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bee collecting nectar

48 Fun Facts About Bees & Honey You Need To Know

Here are 45 scientifically backed fascinating bee facts that might surprise you! Number 17 could mean life or death for our tiny little friends. Don’t forget to check our our other reads below packed with more fascinating looks at one of nature’s most incredible insects, the bee!

why do bees make hives

How Do Bees Make Hives

The classic honeycomb appearance of a beehive is an iconic image. From my very early years, I can remember the hexagonal patterns adorning my favourite storybooks. I always imagined beehives to be the equivalent of pubs for us, where bees go and guzzle honey together and reminisce after a hard day of collecting nectar and …

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honey bee dead after stinging

Do Bees Die After They Sting You?

Why do bees die if they sting you? A simple question with a not-so-simple answer.  To begin with, not all species of bees sting; it’s only honeybees, bumblebees and carpenter bees that use a venomous stinger when defending themselves. Let’s take a closer look at the common misconception that all bees die after stinging and the …

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