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The 5 Best Bee Hotels On Amazon

Last updated on July 15th, 2022 at 11:50 am

We’ve never been more aware of the plight of the bees. Bee populations struggle due to several external factors like habitat destruction, industrial farming, disease, and parasites.

It’s important to understand that not all bees need or use bee hotels. When you install a bee hotel in you are actively helping solitary bees such as the Mason bee.

Find out some of the best plants for solitary bees to plant next to your bee hotel.

We’ve spent hours digging through Amazon to try and find the best bee hotels. Below is a list of the 5 best bee hotels on Amazon (with free delivery).

Your Guide to the 5 best bee hotels on Amazon

1. Woodside bee hotel

The Woodside bee hotel is both functional and attractive. Perfectly designed to provide a home for bee, ladybirds, butterflies and more.

The four-tier structure provides ample space to support several species. Each tier is designed around a different insect. The structure is made from 100% natural materials to ensure it doesn’t have a detrimental effect on its environment or guests.

Mounting the hotel is incredibly easy due to a metal plate attached to the rear of the hotel. You can also free stand the structure anywhere in your garden.

The hotel itself is built using bamboo, pine cones, pinewood and wire mesh.

This nice decorative design will be a welcome addition to any garden and it’s easy mounting makes it a pleasure to deal with. Currently sporting a 5-star average review on Amazon it’s hard to look any further than the Woodside bee hotel.

What should you look for in a bee hotel?

Bamboo is often used in bee hotels as a cheap solution for shelter and protection within the hotel providing a great home for larvae. It’s really important to ensure these tubes are 10cm long to provide ample space.

If you’re aiming to attract bees specifically the recommended width diameter is 6mm-10mm. Over this size, you will still be helping other insects but the tube will be too wide to house solitary bees.

2. Pet Ting bee hotel

The Pet Ting bee hotel has a slimline appearance which is ideal in situations where space is at a premium. Unlike a lot of other bug hotels, there are several different options and sixes you can choose from. These options are mainly based on size and target guests but it’s nice that you get the option.

This is an ideal small-scale solution for introducing more pollinators into your garden. As with most bee hotels, it will function for other insects like butterflies, ladybirds, and more.

Unlike some other bee hotels, it also comes fully assembled. So if Ikea flat pack is your idea of a living hell this could very well be the best choice for you.

The perfect location for a bee hotel

It’s essential to find the right location in your garden to place/ install your bee hotel. In an ideal garden, I would recommend you locate your bee hotel 1-1.5m off of the ground.

The direction of your hotel’s face will also be really important. In the United Kingdom, I recommend you place your hotel on a southerly face. This will help with warming the inhabitants during the colder winter months.

3. Natures Market bee hotel

This is by far the smallest and cheapest hotel on our list. The equivalent of a B&B for bees.

What it lacks in size it more than makes up for in ease of use. With its handy hanging system, you can install this bee hotel virtually anywhere and it will blend straight into the environment.

You can hang the Natures Market bee hotel from any branch that is suitable to hold it’s the weight. Alternatively, you can simply place it on the ground anywhere in your garden.

With the smaller design, you are unlikely to receive as many guests but it will still be a welcome addition to any pollinators currently living in your garden.

The entrance

It’s really important that insects have easy access to their hotel. While the idea of having your hotel located with dense foliage may be attractive it will not appeal to your hotel guests.

4. Naturais Bee Hotel

The outer structure of this bee hotel is coated in an environmentally friendly waterproof which poses no threat to the insects inside. This makes the structure more durable than traditional wood hotels where insects can eat the hotel structure to destruction.

Mounting has never been so simple with a hook mounted onto the back of the hotel. Ready to be hung on a wall, garden fence or as far as your imagination will take you.

A great educational item that allows an easy view of the insects within. Perfect for households with children who can get hours of joy watching the insects go about their day.

The Naturais bee hotel is a perfect addition to any garden turning heads whether it’s insects or humans.

best bee hotels on amazon

5. Bambuswald Bug Hotel

Last but not least we have the Bambuswuld Bug Hotel This attractive structure made from fired wood will look great in any bee-friendly garden.

This is one of the most discreet hotels on the list and will blend into the background of any garden.

A safe haven for bugs in your garden just simply use the metal hanging piece to place the hotel in its preferred location.

Due to the fired wood on this hotel, we recommend you try and situate the bee hotel in an area sheltered from the rain to avoid rot.

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