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Here are just some of our most frequently asked questions. As more of you start to help save the bees we’ll be adding more answers here as well as helpful hints, tips and informative blog posts.

What is Revive a Bee?

Revive a Bee is a brand dedicated to promoting the importance of the humble bumble bee and our flagship product is the bee revival kit. When you purchase one of our kits you're not just buying a keyring, you're doing your bit to help save and protect one of the most important pollinators in our food chain. It also helps us with our main mission to revive the whole bee population whose numbers have been declining. Through sponsorships and partnerships we do what we can to promote all of beekind, which includes placing new hives and hotels around the country. Make sure to check our blog to find the latest stories on what we're doing to help!

How many Bees can I help with my keyring?

There should be enough syrup inside the vial in order to feed and hopefully revive from one to three bees. Once you've used the syrup inside you can easily refill the bottle using the Revive a Bee Bottle or you can make some syrup at home.

When should I use Revive a Bee?

In an emergency only and when there are no pollen-rich flowers nearby. Generally speaking bees should be healthy and able to go about their day to day duties collecting pollen without the need of human assistance but as the developing world continues to build more houses, we continue to lose vast areas of wilderness. This means bees can have to travel some distance to find food and on the odd occasion they can get lost. We would never suggest leaving sugar water or any syrup out for bees to eat and only use Revive a Bee when you come across a bee that is clearly looking drowsy / exhausted.

When can I tell if a bee is tired?

In some cases it will be clear when a bee is in need of an energy boost. If you've rescued a bee from drowning or if you're quite far away from any large natural habitats or places with lots of flowers then there's a high chance the bee is exhausted and lost. Having said that just like us humans these little guys do need a rest sometimes. After all it is mathematically impossible for bees to fly. To make sure the bee really does need help we suggest you first give nature a chance. Watch and wait for around 15 minutes to see what the bee does. If it doesn't fly away you can offer up Revive a Bee by leaving the bottle next to the bee or pouring some syrup out.

Can I refill my Keyring or glass bottle?

The short answer is yes to both. You can refill the vial that comes with the keyring yourself using home made sugar syrup. Alternatively we sell a refill bottle that you can either use on its own or to refill the vial in the keyring. Benefits to using Revive a Bee syrup is we source a special syrup that's been adapted for bees and this solution will not crystallise like a home made syrup will. 

Will I get stung if I try to help save a bee?

A bee will only sting you if it feels threatened and not all bees will die if they sting. We only advise handling of bees when completely necessary and even then we ask that you take care of yourself and the bee to avoid any injury. If you're not confident handling insects don't try to pick up a bee.

Why didn't the bee drink the syrup?

There are a couple reasons why the bee might not drink the syrup. First of all the bee might simply be resting and just doesn't need a drink. The other reason could be the fact that bee is coming to the end of its life. The longest living (honey)bee is the queen bee, which can live for up to 3 years but the average lifespan of a worker bee can vary from 6 weeks to several months but drones will die almost immediately after mating.

Is Revive a Bee suitable for children?

The Revive a Bee kit and keyring contain small parts that could be a choking hazard. Not suitable for children under 5. While we would encourage children of all ages to get involved with the environment and help save the bees, using one of these kits must be done with adult supervision. Important note to parents. Please make sure you're aware of any allergies your child has before encouraging them to interact with bees.

Is Revive a Bee environmentally friendly?

Yes. Not only do we give back to the bee community but we do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint. This includes trying to source materials from few suppliers and avoiding plastic where possible.

How long will delivery take?

All of our kits are sent on the same or next working day and you should expect delivery within 3 to 4 working days from the time of purchase. We offer free shipping to all UK customers.

If I'm not happy can I get a refund?

Yes. If you're not satisfied with the product you must notify us within 14 days to get a full refund. If after the 14 days you're not happy please contact us. For more information you can visit our Refund and Return Policy.

What else can I use Revive a Bee for?

It's not just bumble bees that get into trouble and sometimes need a helping hand. There are other important pollinators you can feed the syrup to including tired butterflies or moths.


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