About Revive a Bee

Hey, we’re Ed and Paul, creators of Revive a Bee – we want to help you, help bees!

Revive a Bee was created by two lifelong friends with a passion for the environment and the dream of a better future.

We’re on a mission to promote the plight of all bees (not just honeybees) globally.

All of our bee-saving tools have two key goals:

  • They need to actively help bee and pollinator populations
  • They need to highlight the issues faced by bees and pollinators in our modern world

These two powerful statements form the backbone of everything we do and have helped to get Revive a Bee to where it is today.

Learn more about the humans that contribute their knowledge to help us spread the word about bees over at our About The Team page.

Our Brand Values

Adventure and Discovery become possible when you’re given all the right tools and information and that’s what we hope to inspire – a lot more adventure and discovery, even if that just means exploring your garden.

Care about our customers and the conservation of bees. We wouldn’t have a business if we didn’t care.

Imagination spurs innovation and Revive a Bee and we want to lead the charge in the battle to help save bees.

We’re always trying to think of creative ways we can help spread the message and we encourage everyone to use their imagination to think of ways we can make a difference on a larger scale.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do.

Bee Savers – Other Organisations We Love

Taking on the task of trying to save the bees is no mean feat and would be impossible for one group of bee savers to achieve on their own. That’s why we’ve decided to publish a list of organisations that share the same ethos as us.

We believe championing other organisations is key to moving forward as a whole and all those listed below represent values we love to support.

Supporting Revive a Bee

The best way to support Revive a Bee is simply by supporting bee populations. Plant more flowers and create more will areas it’s that simple.

If you would like to help Revive a Bee with a small donation we simply ask that you purchase one of the many bee revival tools available across the site.

Alternatively, you can support Revive a Bee by simply shopping on Amazon using the link below:

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Your help goes a long way to ensuring Revive a Bee is here to stay.

Best Wishes and Green Regards

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