Bee Revival Kits to Revive a Bee

Bee Revival Kits allow you to Revive A Bee in an emergency. What colour kit would you choose?

reviving a bee with sugar water

What is A Bee Revival Kit?

What is a Bee Revival Kit? We’ve made a quick video to explain what it is and how you use it! Click the button below to learn more about How To Revive A Bee.

Revive a Bee

Revive a Bee with your own Bee Revival Kit. You’ll always be ready to help a tired, thirsty bee with your own handy bee thirst aid kit.

revive a bee bee revival kit gold
bee revival kit in black on seed paper card

Black Bee Revival Kit

Black Bee Revival Kit by Revive a Bee

bee revival kit in gold on seed paper card

Gold Bee Revival Kit

Gold Bee Revival Kit by Revive a Bee

bee revival kit silver on seed paper card

Silver Bee Revival Kit

Silver Bee Revival Kit by Revive a Bee

What is Revive a Bee?

Revive a Bee is your hive of eco-friendly products. We’re on a mission to pollinate planet-friendly ideas and cultivate a sustainable future.

Why Revive a Bee

They make our food. One out of every three mouthfuls of our food depends on pollinators. They help our environment. 70% of our wild plants are pollinated by bees and other pollinator species. They’re a big business. Bees and other pollinators are worth £691m a year in terms of the value of crops they pollinate.

How to Revive a Bee

Learn how to revive a bee safely using our Bee Revival Kit or by creating a simple sugar and water mix at home. Simply mix a ½ sugar-water solution and place it near the thirsty bee so it can drink if it needs to. This sugary drink will give your tired companion the energy it needs to get back to its hive or nest.

how to properly use your bee revival kit

Wildflower Seed Paper

At Revive a Bee, we promote a flower-first policy to our community. Planting pollen and nectar-rich flowers will always be the best way to help save bees. That’s why every product we sell can grow wildflowers. We use plantable packaging, so you’ll always be ready to grow bee-friendly flowers at home. Seed Paper is included as part of the packaging for your Bee Revival Kit. Your seed paper contains daisy, poppy, and forget-me-not seeds, which all produce lovely pollen-rich flowers, popular plants with pollinators, especially bees.

Perfect Bee Gift

Are you looking for the perfect bee gift? Our bee revival products are always a welcome surprise at any celebration. As ingenious as it is thoughtful, you can be sure your gift will stand out from the crowd. An environmentally conscious purchase with a clear goal to help struggling bee populations.

bee revival gift set refill bottle open

Bee Blog

Visit our bee blog, where you’ll find lots of useful info, including how to create a bee-friendly garden and support solitary bees.

Customer Reviews

“Got this for my Husband as a little extra for Father’s Day. This is a great gift that went straight onto his keys! Absolutely love that the packaging is made for planting wildflowers too! Absolutely “recommend this as a gift.” – Hannah

Bee Blog

Check out some of the most recently published articles from our bee blog.

All About Bees



There’s no such thing as a silly question. We answer anything about bees such as “Do bees fart?” But for some of our more frequently asked questions check out our FAQ.

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The Best Bee Gifts

We’ve collated a list of the best bee products so you don’t have to buzz around the web. Check out our favourites below.

Bee Cause

Revive a Bee aims to ignite the passion of future eco-guardians while safeguarding our world’s vital pollinators. Every few months we help shine the light on a specific bee cause so we can help make a change. The Bee Cause we’re currently supporting is “Help Save Bees From Neonicotinoids in the UK”

Save Bees From Neonicotinoids
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