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Revive a Bee with your own Bee Revival Kit. Always ready to Help Save a Tired Bee, our Bee Thirst Aid Kit fits neatly on your keys.

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why Save A Tired Bee?

Bee Conscious
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    They're top pollinators
    75% of crops rely on pollinators with 270 bee species in the UK
  • They need our help
    35 are under threat of extinction yet none are protected by law

when to revive a bee

Generally speaking bees should be healthy and able to go about their day to day duties collecting pollen without the need of human assistance but as the developing world continues to build more houses, we continue to lose vast areas of wilderness meaning bees can have to travel some distance to find food. You should never leave sugar water or any syrup out for bees to eat and only use Revive a Bee when you come across a bee that is clearly looking drowsy or exhausted.
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Who is Revive a Bee

We're a group of people passionate about bees.

Join us and become a Bee Guardian!
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    So incredibly cute, love the concept and looks great on my keys.

    Jade Dawson

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    Amazing team working here! Quality customer service!

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Perfect Bee Gift 

Does he or she love bees? Our Bee Revival Kit is a perfect gift no matter what the occasion. Give someone the gift of giving. Giving back to the environment by helping save the bees. From Bee Revival Kits to Seed Paper Hearts,
Bee Saving Gifts

Seed Paper

Seed Paper is included as part of the packaging for the Bee Revival Keyring. Our seed paper contains Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta) and Sesame seeds, both produce nice pollen rich flowers, popular plants with the pollinators, especially bees. We also sell Seed Paper shapes including hexagons and hearts.
Wildflower Seed Paper

Bee kinder-garten

In German the word 'Kinder' means children and 'garten' means garden. Part of our mission is to help educate children from a young age about how important bees are and encourage all families to grow a bee-friendly garden with lots of flowers.
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Read about Bees

Read about bees on our blog where you can find lots of useful facts, resources and tips to help you save the bees.
19 October 2021
How To Save A Drowning Bee

Nobody likes being caught out by rain, but for bees, a downpour is potentially life-threatening. Bees are capable of short flights during a light drizzle of rain, but a heavier rain shower is a definite problem. Therefore, it is important that you know how to save a drowning or wet bee. Bees have very fine […]

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3 August 2021
Everything You Need To Know About The Carpenter Bee

The carpenter bee is one of over 220 solitary bee species in the UK. They are so called thanks to their nesting behaviours; carpenter bees burrow into soft wood to lay their eggs. Unfortunately, as humans expand into rural areas, carpenter bees are more frequently building their nests in the sidings of homes and this […]

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6 June 2021
What To Feed A Tired, Thirsty Bee?

When you find a tired bee in your home, it's probably exhausted from flying around looking for nectar and pollen all day. If so, you're probably wondering what to feed a bee? Feed the poor insect with a fresh sugar water solution to give them their strength back! To make this simple solution for an […]

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Read about Bees

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We're constantly on the lookout for businesses we can partner with based on our shared passion and vision for helping the environment and saving the bees. If you're interested in stocking any of our products in your store or you'd like to work with us on one of our projects don't hesitate to give us a buzz!
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