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Revive a Bee

Revive a Bee

Revive a Bee with your own Bee Revival Kit. You'll always be ready to help a tired, thirsty bee with this handy bee thirst aid kit.

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why Revive A Bee?

  • They make our food
    One out of every three mouthfuls of our food depends on pollinators.
  • They help our environment
    70% of our wild plants are pollinated by bees and other pollinator species.
  • They're a big business
    Bees and other pollinators are worth £691m a year in terms of the value of crops they pollinate.
  • They're our neighbours
    Britain is home to over 270 species of bee, 250 of which are Solitary Bees.


At Revive a Bee we promote a flower first policy to all of our community. Planting pollen and nectar-rich flowers will always be the best way to support bee populations globally. 

That's why we decided that every single one of our products must have the ability to grow wildflowers. From the plantable packaging used for your Bee Revival Kit to the printed plantable shapes in our Bee Gift Box, you'll always be ready to grow bee-friendly flowers at home.
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Plantable Seed Paper

Seed Paper is included as part of the packaging for the Bee Revival Kits. Our seed paper contains daisy, poppy and forget-me-not, all produce nice pollen rich flowers, popular plants with the pollinators, especially bees. We also sell Seed Paper shapes including hexagons and hearts.
Wildflower Seed Paper

Perfect Bee Gift 

Looking for the perfect bee gift? Our bee revival products are always a welcome surprise at any celebration. As ingenious as it is thoughtful, you can be sure your gift will stand out from the crowd. An environmentally conscious purchase with a clear goal to help struggling bee populations.
Bee Revival Gift Set

Read about Bees

Read about bees on our blog where you can find lots of useful facts and resources including how to create a bee friendly garden and support solitary bees.
Read about Bees

Revive a bee Wholesale

Run an online store, garden centre of gift shop? We're always looking to work with planet friendly organisations. Find out how to stock Bee Revival Kits in your store.
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Revive a Bee

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