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Bee Revival Keyring

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  • Free postage in the UK
  • Keyring always on hand to Revive a Bee
  • Filled with Invertbee for bee nutrition
  • Engraved, Aluminium for protection
  • Cute bottle with screw lid for no leaks
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Save a bee in an emergency
  • Bee Boost Keyring

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Bee Revival Keyring

Never miss an opportunity to help a bee in need with our Bee Revival keyring, a cute little thirst aid kit for bees. Revive a Bee uses a special syrup called Invertbee, which is specifically designed for bees and provides a nutritionally sound source of energy. The syrup inside our handy keyring will be more than enough to give your furry friend the energy it needs to get back to the hive. Help save the bees with your own bee boost keyring.

  • Handy keyring so you're always ready to Revive a Bee
  • Perfect gift for friends or loved ones
  • Educate kids about the environment, bees and honey
  • Seed Paper is used as part of the packaging

Be kind to all of beekind and make sure you're always carrying your bee revival keyring. Bees have never needed help as much as they do now which is why we need to join forces and do everything we can to help bees not just across the United Kingdom but around the whole world.

You can check out our Bee Revival Keyring To Save A Bee on Etsy.

Want to join us?

We're constantly on the lookout for businesses we can partner with based on our shared passion and vision for helping the environment and saving the bees. If you're interested in stocking any of our products in your store or you'd like to work with us on one of our projects don't hesitate to give us a buzz!
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