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Revive a Bee

How to Revive a Bee

How to revive a bee is the first lesson towards becoming a bee guardian. To revive a tired bee you just need a simple sugar syrup. You can make your own syrup at home with a sugar and water mix. You don’t need very much and you definitely shouldn’t leave any out for the bees.

Revive A Bee Using Thirst Aid

With your bee revival kit you’ll be able to give a tired bee the energy boost it needs to get back to the hive. You should only use this technique as an emergency though! Imagine the Revive a Bee Thirst Aid Kit as CPR for bees! (or butterflies)
Bee Drinking Sugar Water
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Does Sugar Water Revive Bees?

Yes it’s true, a simple mix of sugar and water can sometimes help revive an exhausted bee. Feeding a bee a small amount of sugar water at the right time can potentially save a bees life but it’s important you don’t leave large amounts out for them.

Can I Feed A Bee Honey?

No! Do not think that offering tired bees honey is better because it isn’t! Furthermore the honey we buy from supermarkets is not suitable because a lot is imported hence it will not be right for our native British bumblebees. If you want to create a bumblebee energy drink ao you can revive tired bees then visit the RSPB website where they suggest mixing two tablespoons of white granulated sugar with one tablespoon of water. Place this mix on the lid of a jam jar or spoon.

Help Revive Tired Drowsy Bees

Have you ever seen a drowsy tired bee in your home, garden or while out walking in the countryside? Whenever I used to see a bee like this I always thought it was dying but the truth is they’re not. Well not always anyway. In some cases our little furry friends are just tired from a busy day of collecting pollen. It is possible to actually revive these bees with a simple sugar and water solution.

How To Revive A bee

Do not add extra water because there’s a risk the bee could drown. Do not add extra sugar because this will make the solution too sweet. Place the spoon or lid near to the bee or if you can, carefully pick the bee up and place it near the syrup solution so it can have a little drink. This will hopefully allow it to gather enough energy to fly back to the hive.
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Is sugar water bad for bees?

No. In small amounts sugar water can actually help revive a bee. Leaving large amounts of sugar water out will potentially attract more bees. This will become an easy source of food for them, thus the bees will not pollinate as much because they’ll not have to work for their food.

How can I help save the bees?

I’m afraid to say that not all bees need help and not all bees can be saved. The worker honey bee for example only lives for around 45 days. As upsetting as this is if you see a drowsy bee there’s a chance it could be coming to the end of its life but there’s still a load of things you can do. This includes planting more flowers, building bee hotels and supporting local bee farmers by buying local honey.

Can you give a bee honey?

No because it’s highly likely the honey will not be suitable for our native bee! If you’re making your own bee food to help revive a bee you should only use white granulated sugar and never use brown. This includes demerara, muscovado sugar or any artificial sweetener.

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