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1 August 2022
What's a bee feeder and do I need one?

If you're a beekeeper in the UK you're probably considering how to manage your colonies over winter. A healthy honeybee colony should be able to produce all of the honey stores it needs for the colder months without any human intervention. However, weather conditions and external factors like parasites can lead to your bees not […]

14 July 2022
How to start beekeeping?

Beekeeping has had somewhat of a renaissance in recent years. Raising awareness around bees has led people to investigate and take up this fascinating hobby in droves. As with all hobbies getting started can be a bit daunting and it often feels like there isn't enough room in your brain to digest all the lessons, […]

30 June 2022
Real honey vs fake honey

You're in the supermarket and you happen to be wandering down the spreads and jams aisle, the honey section greets you like a candy store, with images of bees flitting between hives, flowers blowing in the wind and happy beekeepers leaning on rustic hives. But all is not well, marketing has well and truly infiltrated […]

30 June 2022
Can you freeze honey?

One of the best things about summer is that you can stock up on local honey. And one of the best ways to store your local honey is by freezing it. But does freezing your honey actually work, can you freeze honey? We'll walk you through everything you need to know about freezing your favourite […]

17 May 2022
Beekeeping suits vs beekeeping jackets, what's best for you?

Beekeeping suits provide full-body protection from stings, beekeeping jackets cover your torso and arms with a normally detachable hoof that fastens onto the collar of the jacket. Both will stop the majority of stings but are not 100% sting-proof. Beginning your journey as a beekeeper can be a daunting task. Selecting the right hives, the […]

16 May 2022
The best beekeeping suits available in the UK

Staying sting-free while managing your hives is key to making beekeeping a pleasurable experience. Beginner and amateur beekeepers are more likely to get stung as they familiarise themselves with how bees behave and act. We'd all love docile colonies that happily let us extract honey without lifting a wing but unfortunately, this isn't always the […]

12 May 2022
The best bee smokers available in the UK

Picking the right bee smoker for your hives is really important. If you're anything like us your bees are like your family and making sure you care for them properly is vital. We've created a list of the best bee smokers available in the UK today. Best UK Bee Smokers We've personally tested the first […]

9 July 2020
How Do Bees Kill Hornets? A Dangerous Rival

The hornet holds the title of the biggest eusocial wasp. Growing to over 2 inches in length these formidable insects are a marvel to look at. Their appearance is very similar to that of a yellow jacket wasp apart from their gargantuan size. Just like honeybees and bumblebees, the hornet lives in a nest with […]

20 June 2020
Everything You Need To Know About Our Friend The Honey Bee

The honey bee is responsible for huge swathes of our food production so it's about time we learned a little bit about our furry black and yellow friends. I'll be adding to this post over time so if there's anything you think I've missed let me know in a comment below. A Brief History Of […]


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