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How to plant Our Wildflower Seed Paper

Wildflower Seed Paper is included as part of the packaging for the Bee Revival Keyring. Our seed paper contains Daisy, Poppy and Forget Me Not allof which produce nice pollen rich flowers and are popular plants with the pollinators, especially bees. Revive a Bee's wildflower seed paper packaging is just one of the many ways we help bees. Recycling is fantastic and we explored the idea of recyclable paper but we wanted our bee revival products to directly help bees in as many ways as possible. Perfect for the wild or your garden.

Seed Paper Planting Methods

On this page we'll explain the two different planting methods you can use to grow plants and flowers from our seed paper. 

Water Planting Method

1. Moisten the paper on a plate or in a shallow dish.
2. Don't soak the paper completely as the seeds also need to breathe oxygen.
3. Keep the paper moist and the seeds will swell and begin to spout within 5-10 days.
4. When the shoots appear, transfer to a plant pot and cover with soil for the roots to take hold and the seeds to transform into lovely flowers. (the paper will disintegrate in the soil)

Soil Planting Method

1. Soak the seed paper in luke warm water for about 30 minutes.
2. Prepare a plant pot by putting a layer of soil in the bottom.
3. Tear the paper to expose the seeds and place them in the prepared plant pot. Cover with a fine layer of soil. 
4. Do not bury them too deep as they need to breathe.

Notes for Both Methods

1. DO NOT completely soak the seed paper, just moisten it is sufficient. 
2. Keep the paper moist once you have started watering them, especially at night and be careful not to let the paper completely dry up.
3. Different seeds take varying times to germinate but you should notice shoots appearing within 3 - 10 days. When the seeds bulge, tear the paper slightly in order to allow the seeds to germinate quicker.
4. DO NOT place the seeds in direct sunlight, a cool shady environment is required.
Keep the soil moist at all times, do not overwater.

Plantable Wildflower Seed Paper

Plantable seed paper cards were the ideal solution to ensuring our product packaging was not only environmentally friendly but actually added to the environment. We have used wildflower seed paper sheets as the backboard for our bee revival keyring. These plantable seed paper backings can be soaked in water and planted either under a layer of soil or simply within a pot of soil. In a few weeks, wildflowers will sprout from below the soil. These will eventually grow into mature plants bringing life to the area and providing well-needed materials for bees and other insects such as butterflies.

Developing our wildflower seed paper packaging

Plantable paper has been available for several years now but despite this time, very few organisations have adopted its use. The idea of rubbish that is capable of growing plants and flowers was compelling to us, and we began to investigate seeded paper. Special eco-friendly paper is perfect for Revive a Bee and we opted for a white seed paper with a minimal design.

How is wildflower seed paper made?

To make plantable seed paper at home is quite the task. For a paper manufacturer with an industrial paper shredder, it becomes easy to produce paper products at scale. By creating a pulp mixture that is mixed with fresh water to create a wet pulp. This creates a blended paper mixture with a viscous texture. This pulp is mixed with wild flowers seeds to create different types of paper containing seeds. This can then be used to create greeting cards, wedding invitations, gift tags, plantable paper hearts, herb seed paper, veggie seed paper, artsy paper and postcards. The possibilities are endless but as long as you maintain a level of paper thickness you can create anything with wildflower papers.

How do you plant wildflower seed paper?

Simply moisten your seed paper card with water, keep it moist for 3-10 days until sprouts are visible. Transfer to a receptacle containing soil/ earth and cover just below the surface.

How long does plantable seed paper take to grow?

Our seed paper will normally germinate in between 3-10 days when you will begin to see seedlings. Black-Eyed Susans and sesame flowers will bloom from May-October depending on your regions.

Where to buy seed paper for your product packaging?

If you would like plantable seed paper for your product packaging we can highly recommend UK Seed Paper. They can provide printed and blank seed paper in a range of colours. If you had particular seed paper shapes in mind they can cut to custom requirements. Perfect for promotional material, seed paper invitations and marketing campaigns for any eco-conscious brand. To discuss seed paper options get in touch with UK Seed Paper here

Can you make your own wildflower homemade seed paper?

Yes! By using wildflower seeds and pulping pieces of paper in a blender you can create homemade coloured seed paper. We haven't made a resource for handmade seed paper yet but it's in the works so keep an eye out for a link on this page.


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