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Revive a Bee

Bee Revival Bottle


  • Filled with a special syrup made by UK beekeepers for bee nutrition
  • Suitable for refilling all bee revival kits
  • Cute frosted glass bottle with bamboo lid
  • Bottle design includes a glass pipette
  • Free postage in the UK
  • Save a bee in an emergency
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The Bee Revival Bottle From Revive a Bee

This bottle containing a special sugar syrup can be used on its own to help save bees plus you can use it to refill your existing bee revival kits with its handy glass pipette.

Never miss an opportunity to help a bee in need with our Bee Revival Bottle. A cute little thirst aid kit for bees.

Great for home use and to refill existing bee rescue keyrings.

Revive a Bee uses a special syrup called Invertbee produced by Beekeepers in the United Kingdom which is specifically designed for bees and provides a nutritionally sound source of energy.

With 12ml included the syrup inside our handy bottle will be more than enough to feed lots of our furry friends, giving them the energy they need to get back to the hive.

🐾🐾🐾 Supports Rewilding Britain - A percentage of every sale will be donated to Rewilding Britain via Work For Good. We work closely with Rewilding Britain to ensure we are helping all wildlife, not just bees and pollinators. They support projects all across the UK with aim of making the world a better place by restoring wild nature.

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1% of every sale will be donated to Rewilding Britain via Work For Good. 

Make sure you're always ready to help a bee in need with our Revive a Bee bottle. This stylish glass bottle with pipette can either be used at home to help save the bees or you can use it to refill your bee revival keyring. Inside the glass bottle is 12.5ml of Invertbee, a syrup specially designed to support bees and provide a nutritionally sound source of energy.

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