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Are bees attracted to urine?

Last updated on April 3rd, 2023 at 02:22 pm

Yes, bees are attracted to the mineral and salt content of urine because their floral diet lacks these two key ingredients. Soiled water or urine can act as a nutritional supplement for bees providing well-needed vitamins.

This process is called Mud Puddling, relating to any insect that uses waste moisture to gain amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

While the above is the most likely reason bees are attracted to a source of urine there are some other reasons your pee might be attracting bees.

So why are bees attracted to urine?

Predominantly bees will ingest urine to supplement their daily diets.

Nectar is rich in carbohydrates and sugars but does not provide all the vitamins and minerals required for proper bee health.

Bees will actively seek out alternative sources for these minerals and urine/pee is a fantastic solution (no pun intended).

As Mammals, our varying diets will ensure we receive all of the required minerals and vitamins we need to live and grow.

Any excess nutrients will be transported through your body and ejected in the form of urine, creating a perfect opportunity for bees to take advantage of the surplus.

Scent and aroma also attract bees to urine. Strong smelling liquids have a signature of sorts that bees can use to communicate the location and viability of the water source.

This can take the form of urine, swimming pool water, water troughs, runoff, washing machine waste, and any other smelly water you can think of.

This communication takes the form of a set of movements called a ‘waggle dance’ that clearly tells other bees where to go and what to expect when they arrive.

Do bees being attracted to my urine mean I have diabetes?

No, there is a common misconception that if bees are attracted to your urine you may be unaware you’re suffering from a type of diabetes.

While this can be the case it’s far more likely bees are simply drinking your urine for its precious nutritional cargo rather than highlighting a more serious issue.

This applies to your pet’s urine as well, if bees are consistently attracted to your dog or cat’s urine chances are they’re probably recovering the salt and minerals contained within.

If this is a regular occurrence it may be a cause for concern but you should always seek advice from a medical professional before assuming the worst.

Places where bees might ingest urine?

Toilets at festival areas are often inundated with large amounts of bees due to their heavy use.

Open farmyard areas often attract bees due to the large amounts of animal urine that can be found in small pools around livestock.

While not particularly pleasant some bees will even use carrion (dead animals to gain a nutritional advantage).

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