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How To Save A Grounded Bee?

Last updated on September 21st, 2023 at 12:35 pm

To save a grounded bee you can just create a simple sugar syrup at home using granulated sugar and tap water. Mix two parts of water to one part of granulated white sugar to create a sugar solution ideal for saving grounded bees that need a quick energy boost.

Should I feed a grounded bee sugar water?

Yes, sugar water is perfect for reviving tired, thirsty bees and it’s so easy to make at home.

It’s really important that you remember to remove the sugar solution and sugar crystals after you have helped your grounded bee.

Leaving a solution of sugar out will encourage bees to forgo nearby bee-friendly flowers for the easily accessible quantities of sugar.

White sugar does not provide the same nutritional benefits as bees’ natural food sources and should only be used in situations where nectar tich flowers are not readily available.

Can I save a bee with honey? 

No. You should never use honey to feed a grounded bee.

Honey is a fantastic product and honeybees and honeybee colonies are essential to global crop production and play a huge role in the pollination industry.

Honey contains bacteria that can pose a threat to nests and hives in any given area and for this reason we recommend not feeding honey to bees.

Save a grounded bee FAQ

Should I feed bees sugar water?

Yes, but only if you find a tired bee in an area with no nectar-rich flowers around. A small amount of a sugar-water solution will give it the energy boost it needs to get back to the nest or hive. Make sure you remove any remnants of your sugar solution.

What kind of sugar should I use?

Always use white granulated sugar. The process used in the production of white sugar means it is completely sterile, therefore posing no biological risk to a tired bee or its colonies’ occupants.

Is my grounded bee dying or tired?

If your bee is in an area with lots of flowers, pollen, and nectar and it’s immobile, your best course of action is to let it be. If it is in a large built-up urban area you could be saving its life.

What are some other ways I can help bees?

All bees need our help but in particular solitary bees. Head over to our article on The Best Plants For Solitary Bees to see how you can transform your garden into a pollinator-friendly haven full of pollen and nectar-rich flowers.

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