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The Lost Bees - Easter (Egg) Hunt

22 March 2021
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The lost bees need our help! We're celebrating this easter by giving away a huge 30% discount on your basket total. Sadly we haven't had time to hide any eggs this year because we've been too busy looking for the lost bees. Can you help us find all the lost bees? Don't worry, there is no time limit. All you need to do is scroll through the website and when you seen a cartoon bee either tap or click on it.

Find the lost Bees

There are 6 lost bees to find in total and this deal is available for the next two weeks only. On the 5th of April all the bees will be removed and any discount codes you've been rewarded must be used within 14 days.

A-Z Bee Flashcards

These lost bees are part of our new A-Z of Bees for kids. To help introduce kids to bees and the environment from an early age we designed a complete range of caricature bees. Each bee represents a letter on the alphabet. Please check them out, we'd love to know what you think?

Happy Hunting!

Gold Bee Revival Kit To Save Tired, Thirsty Bees

Gold Bee Revival Kit To Save Tired, Thirsty Bees
  • 🐝🐝🐝 Special syrup to help tired, thirsty bees
  • 🎁🎁🎁 The perfect gift for the bee lover in your life.
  • 🌱🌱🌱 Plantable seed paper packaging 
  • 🐾🐾🐾 Supports Rewilding Britain
  • Gold, Silver, Black, Rose Gold, Blue, Red and Green.


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