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8 Of The Best Bee Gifts For Him (Buzzing Gift Ideas)

Last updated on September 21st, 2023 at 11:29 am

Are you looking for some great bee gifts for men?

Look no further; at Revive a Bee, we’ve carefully scoured the internet to bring you all the best bee-themed gifts for him.

Let’s dive straight in with our favourite accessory for any bee lover out and about on their adventures.

Bee Revival Kit

Revive a Bee Gold Bee Revival Kit A Keyring with…
  • 🐝🐝🐝 Wildlife Gifts To Help Bees & Pollinators – Your Bee Revival Keyring contains a special…
  • 🎁🎁🎁 Bee Gifts For Women – Give the gift of giving with our bee accessories from Revive a…
  • 🌱🌱🌱 Plantable Seed Paper Packaging/Seed Gifts – What makes the perfect eco gift? We think…
  • 🌍🌎🌏 Planet Friendly Gadget Keyring – A great gift for a friend or loved one who cares about…
  • 🐾🐾🐾 Supports Rewilding Britain – A percentage of every sale will be donated to Rewilding…

Is your recipient always looking for ways to help our buzzy friends?

Meet the Bee Revival Keyring – a handy sidekick that makes saving tired bees a breeze. Pop it onto your keys or backpack and have a mini bee café ready!

Made with specially designed syrup, it’s a pick-me-up for any distressed bee. And refilling is just as easy! You can use the Refill Kit or whip up a quick sugar water mix at home.

But wait, there’s more! This isn’t just any old packaging; it’s plantable seed paper jam-packed with bee-favourite flowers. Daisy, Poppy, and Forget Me Not – these little blooms are like five-star restaurants for our flying pals.

Plus, a slice of your purchase heads straight to Rewilding Britain. So, while you’re rescuing bees, you’re also supporting the bigger picture of rewilding our green isles. A two-in-one gift, wouldn’t you say?

Enamel Bee Mug

Gift Republic GR270114 – Ecologie Bee Enamel Mug -…
  • DESIGN – This Bee Enamel Mug is the latest addition to our Ecologie range
  • ENJOY YOUR BEVERAGE – Enjoy your favorite hot beverages in style with our Bee Enamel Mug, featuring…
  • DURABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT – Our Bee Enamel mug makes the perfect addition to any outdoor pursuit….
  • EASY TO CLEAN – The smooth, easy-to-clean surface of this enamel mug makes it a breeze to maintain,…
  • GIFT – Gift this charming Bee Enamel Mug to friends, family, or fellow outdoor enthusiasts, and…

Who doesn’t want to jazz up their morning coffee or evening cocoa?

With its gorgeous bee motifs, this mug brings nature to your fingertips. It’s like having a mini nature documentary play out around your drink.

Lightweight? Absolutely. It isn’t just pretty; it’s practical too. Whether setting up camp under the stars or laying out a picnic in the park, it’s your reliable companion. 

Are you looking for the perfect gift? 🎁 Share the magic of this Bee Enamel Mug with fellow outdoor buffs or anyone who appreciates a bit of bee-tiful design in their life. Just a heads up, though, bees might get a tad bit jealous!

(Note: Give it a gentle hand wash to keep it looking fresh. And let’s keep it out of the microwave; it’s not a fan.)

Build A Bee Hotel Gift In A Tin

Apples To Pears Build A Bee Hotel Gift In A Tin
  • Simple Kit To Build Your Own Bee Hotel – Save The Bees!
  • Contains Wooden Kit With Glue And Full Instructions
  • Tin Measures 14.5cm By 10cm By 5cm
  • Suitable For Ages 6+
  • Presented In A Metal Gift Tin

Calling all budding bee enthusiasts and DIY masters! 🐝🛠

Ever dreamt of running a bee B&B? Now’s your chance! The Bee Hotel Gift Set In A Tin helps you build a cosy haven for our solitary bee pals and other little insect critters.

Everything you need is tucked inside this charming metal tin: wooden pieces, glue, and straightforward instructions. 

A fantastic activity for youngsters (ages six and up), it’s not just about building; it’s a learning adventure. Prepare to play detective with the included spotter sheet and learn more about your new insect guests.

(Note: We recommend the little human crafters are supervised during assembly!)

Friends Of The Earth Bee Saving Kit

The Friends Of The Earth Bee Saving Kit is an all-inclusive package to transform your green space into a paradise for honey, bumble, and solitary bees.

Start with the wildflower seeds. You’ve just laid out a bee feast and a plush resting spot. Grab that Bee ID guide as these flowers bloom and meet and greet your new winged visitors.

Need a roadmap to a year-round bee haven? The garden planner is like having a bee concierge guiding you every step of the way. 

It even offers a fun tutorial on crafting your own bee hotel. No reservations are needed!

Whether it’s a thoughtful gift box for a nature-loving pal or a treat for your own green thumbs, this kit is a must-have. Dive in, and make our gardens the go-to holiday spot for all bees! 🌻🏡🐝🎁

Grab yours here today.

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Sterling Silver Bee Necklace

Dew Sterling Silver and Enamel Busy Bee Necklace -…
  • Highly polished 925 sterling silver necklace
  • Enamel
  • 18″ fine trace chain with spring ring clasp
  • Your jewellery piece is presented in a beautiful hinged gift box
  • Dew offers creatively themed collections; fashionable pretty everyday jewellery

This Sterling Silver Bee Necklace is intricately crafted from polished 925 sterling silver; it’s a delicate bee design of nature’s most industrious pollinator.

The 18″ fine trace chain is adorned with a secure spring ring clasp, ensuring your precious bee charm stays close to your heart.

It arrives in a hinged gift box, making it a perfect birthday or thank-you gift for bee lovers.

Perfect for everyday wear, it’s a gentle reminder of nature’s beauty and the little creatures that make our world go round.

Whether dressing up for a special occasion or adding flair to a casual outfit, this necklace covers you. Dive into Dew’s world of fashionable, themed collections and let this ‘bee’autiful pendant make your style buzz with elegance and charm! 🌼🐝🎁

Bee Hotel

Eco-Friendly Bee House Hotel – Insect Nest Box for…
  • Save the bees – Attract bees and insects to your garden and offer them a safe place to stay
  • Eco-friendly – Made from environmentally friendly components and a helping hand for wildlife
  • The bees knees – Makes a perfect present for the nature lover in your life
  • Pollinate your plants – Bees help your garden grow! Let them help your flowers to flourish
  • Novelty gift – Great for a stocking stuffer, birthday gift, Christmas present

Have you ever thought of turning your outdoor space into a mini-bee resort?

Bee hotels offer a sanctuary to our buzzing buddies. This isn’t just any bee dwelling; it’s a five-star retreat for solitary bees looking for downtime.

It’s meticulously crafted to cater to bees of all sizes, thanks to the range of tube and hole dimensions. So, whether they want to take a break, nest, or shield themselves from pesky predators, they’ll find the perfect home!

They help your gardens burst with vibrant flowers and grow the food we love. 

So, why wait? Make your garden the talk of the bee town! Let’s create a win-win for flowers and bees and watch nature thrive. 🏡🌼🐝🍯

Raw Honeycomb From The Scottish Bee Company

Raw Scottish Heather Honeycomb from The Scottish…
  • HONEY IN ITS PUREST FORM. Enjoy a taste of true raw honey with The Scottish Bee Company’s Raw…
  • SUPPORTING YOUR BODY. Well known for its antibacterial properties, honeycomb is rich in antioxidants…
  • AN EXCLUSIVE TASTE OF SCOTLAND. Our Raw Scottish Heather Honeycomb is cut just once a year. Using…
  • SWEET, DELICATE FLAVOURS. However you like your honeycomb, our Raw Scottish Heather Honeycomb is…
  • SCOTTISH HONEY AT ITS FINEST. Our honeycomb is taken directly from the hive with no processing at…

This gift is the bee’s knees for culinary explorers! 🍯🌸

Raw Scottish Heather Honeycomb, straight from the wild heart of Scotland. Imagine this: bees buzzing over the enchanting Scottish heather moors, diligently collecting nectar for just six precious weeks. The result? A stunning amber-red honey encapsulated perfectly within bursting honeycombs.

This is pure, unadulterated honey magic – no processing, just honey as Mother Nature intended.

Serving suggestions? Picture a crisp morning, slathering a chunk of this honeycomb on hot, buttered toast or add this beauty to a charcuterie board for an elegant touch.

Gift, savour, or introduce it to your next culinary creation. Dive into the Scottish Bee Company’s treasure and experience the true essence of Scotland with every bite. 🐝🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🥂

Local Beekeeping Course

beekeeper harvesting honey

Getting up close and personal with our buzzing friends is one of the best gifts for a nature lover.

Dive deep into the fascinating world of beekeeping with a course hosted right in the heart of the UK.

You’ll be guided by experienced beekeepers who share tales, tips, and techniques that bring the world of bees to life.

The course covers everything from understanding bee behaviour to mastering the art of honey extraction. Plus, you’ll be introduced to bees’ vital role in our ecosystem.

By the end, not only will you be well-versed in bee lingo, but you’ll also have hands-on experience and maybe even your very first jar of self-extracted honey!

Perfect as a unique gift experience or a weekend activity, this course promises knowledge, fun, and the chance to be part of a community dedicated to safeguarding our stripy friends. 

Head over to the British Beekeepers Association’s handy map with all the courses available in your local area.

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