Wiltshire Bee & Honey Day

The Buzz Around Wiltshire Bee & Honey Day: A Hive of Activity

Hey, bee enthusiasts! Mark your calendars for October 7th. Why? It’s the Wiltshire Bee & Honey Day, a day buzzing with activities, talks, and, of course, honey!

But before we dive into the nectar of the event, let’s talk about the weather. It’s been a wet summer, and our honey-making friends haven’t had much time to forage.

The Weather Impact on Bees

Rain, rain, go away! This summer’s gloomy weather has kept honeybees cooped up in their hives. But don’t worry, Wiltshire beekeepers are still gearing up to showcase their liquid gold.

How the Weather Affects Different Types of Bees

  • Honeybees: Limited foraging due to rain.
  • Wild Pollinators: Struggling but surviving, thanks to increased public awareness.

Public Awareness: A Silver Lining

Bad news first: the weather’s been a downer for foraging. Good news? People are waking up to the importance of planting bee-friendly flowers. That’s a win for wild pollinators!

Top 3 Bee-Friendly Flowers

  1. Lavender
  2. Sunflowers
  3. Crocuses

Talks to Look Forward To

Paul Jupp, a wildlife gardening guru from Meadow In My Garden, will spill the tea—or should I say honey—on what to plant to help our wild bee buddies.

There will also be a talk aimed at those interested in starting their beekeeping journey, titled “Thinking of becoming a beekeeper? How to get started.”

Wiltshire beekeepers will showcase their honey and hive products at the county honey show, including candles and mead in addition to various types of honey. Visitors can participate in activities like candle rolling and exploring a virtual hive.

Who’s Backing the Event?

Big shoutout to Eden Renewables and consulting engineers Buro Happold. They’re not just about solar farms and city planning; they’re also buzzing about bees and decarbonization.

The County Honey Show and More

Ready for some honey-tasting? Wiltshire beekeepers will flaunt their honey and hive products. But it’s not just about honey; there are classes for candles and mead too.

Activities to Enjoy

  • Candle Rolling
  • Virtual Hive Exploration
  • Mead Tasting

Special Brew: Wadworth’s Honey Beer

Thirsty? To celebrate the occasion, Wadworth Brewery has crafted a special honey beer just for the event. Imagine sipping a beer that starts with honey-sweet notes and ends with a floral hop aroma. Cheers to that! Attendees can also enjoy mead tasting, honey, candles, and other bee-related items for sale.

Shop ‘Til You Drop

Don’t leave empty-handed. There will be mead, candles, and other bee-related goodies up for grabs.

Other Events – The National Honey Show

The National Honey Show is celebrating its centenary from October 26th to 28th. Taking place at Sandown Park Racecourse, it’s a three-day extravaganza featuring special centenary classes, shop window displays, and decorative honeycombs.

National Honey Show Highlights

  • Venue: Sandown Park Racecourse, Esher, Surrey
  • Dates: October 26th to 28th
  • Admission: Free for members, £15 for day entry


Wiltshire Bee & Honey Day will take place from 10am to 4pm at the Corn Exchange in Devizes. Admission is free and no booking is required.

This year’s event is sponsored by Eden Renewables, who construct solar farms, and consulting engineers Buro Happold, who cooperate with various cities implementing policies, programmes, and regulations to encourage decarbonisation.

For more information, please visit the Wiltshire Beekeepers Association website.

So, are you buzzing with excitement yet? The Wiltshire Bee & Honey Day is more than just a day; it’s a celebration of our winged friends and the people who love them.

Whether you’re a beekeeper, a bee lover, or just someone who enjoys a good jar of honey, this event is for you.

Note: If you’re interested in helping bees beyond attending events, check out our bee revival kits. They’re perfect for feeding tired, thirsty bees and promoting the well-being of all bee species.

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