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Ventilated Beekeeping Suit - BeeProGear

  • Ventilated Double Zipper Bee Suit: BeeProGear provides you with the extra-ordinary lightweight and top to bottom ventilated bee keepers suite to avoid any kind of suffocation or unease
  • Detachable Round Veil: BeeProGear Double Zipper Bee Suit for Men comes with a Round style detachable veil with 30mm ring pullers for easy handling of zippers along with anti fold strip.
  • Premium Design Beekeeping Suit: BeeProGear Beekeeper Suit has been designed to give you maximum storage as well with its 5 Pockets (2 Chest Pockets, 2 Back Pockets, 1 Arm Pockets).
  • Professional Sting Proof Composition: BeeProGear Double Zipper Bee Suit for Women is made of 3X ultra-protective and safety layers which gives you guaranteed protection against bee stings.
  • Weather Friendly Material: BeeProGear Double Zipper Bee Suit has been made with high-quality mesh fabric which makes it weather friendly so that you wear it in hot or cold weather for hours.


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