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Revive a Bee

Seed Paper Bee Hexagons


  • Perfect addition to any gift bag

  • Great for wedding favours
  • Eco alternative to traditional paper
  • Help promote the creation of natural wildflower areas
  • Filled with wildflower seeds
  • A percentage of sales will be donated to Rewilding Britain via Work For Good.




Seed Paper Bee Hexagons

Seed Paper Bee Hexagons containing a mix of wildflower seeds including Daisy, Poppy and Forget Me Not seeds all native to the UK. Each hexagon arrives with a bee of your choice printed on one side.

You can select from the Honeybee, Early Bumblebee and White-Tailed Bumblebee. All of these bees are prolific pollinators and are commonly seen in the United Kingdom.

Each seed paper hexagon measures around 55x55mm at its longest points.

All of our products will arrive in compostable and recyclable packaging.

Due to the many variables in production, storage and delivery, we cannot guarantee the germination rate of this decorative paper.

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1% of every sale on Revive a Bee will be donated to Rewilding Britain via Work For Good. 

Additional information

Bee Species

Honeybee, Early Bumblebee, White-tailed Bee


25, 50


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