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Revive a Bee

Native Wildflower Seed Bombs - Bee Bombs

  • HELP BRING THE BEES AND BUTTERFLIES back to Britain by helping to restore some of the 97% of beautiful, colourful wildflower meadow habitat that has been lost since WWII
  • RE-CREATE THE BEAUTIFUL WILDFLOWER MEADOWS in your garden and make an important contribution to the biodiversity of Great Britain. Bee bombs wildflower seed mix work in planters and pots too.
  • NO GARDENING SKILL REQUIRED - Beebombs can be scattered straight onto the open ground at any time of the year and just need lots of sun, water & time. 1 pack will cover roughly 21ft² / 2m²
  • MIX OF 18 BRITISH WILDFLOWER SEEDS, designated by the RHS as "Perfect for Pollinators", Beebombs are handmade in Dorset and the seeds are mixed with fine, sifted soil and locally sourced clay
  • GIFT AN EVERLASTING MEMORY with Beebombs 10 Pack Hamper Gift Set. Each presented in a Hessian bag, they are the perfect eco gift for birthdays, Christmas, special occasions and as wedding favours


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Revive a Bee

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