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Revive a Bee

Bee Shaped Seed Bombs - Bloomin Bees

  • Excellent gardening gift for women, men & wildlife lovers. Handmade, bee-shaped, and packed full of British wildflower seeds.
  • Fun & simple to use - Add a splash of colour to any pot, garden or balcony. Just sow and grow beautiful British bee-friendly wildflowers from seed. 
  • 16 RHS 'Perfect for Pollinators' Wildflower Varieties
  • By using these bee bombs you are helping to restore British wildflower meadows that support bees, butterflies and over 1000’s of species of native insects and mammals.
  • 40 Square Feet of Wildflower Coverage
  • Bee & Butterfly friendly wildflower seeds mix - Save the bees and scatter these flower bombs across the UK on your next walk.


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Revive a Bee

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