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Revive a Bee

Bee Revival Gift Set


  • The Bee Revival Gift Box from Revive a Bee.
  • Free postage in the UK
  • Keyring always on hand to Revive a Bee
  • Filled with a special syrup made by UK beekeepers
  • Refill Bottle to replace any syrup you use while out on your adventures
  • Frosted glass bottle with bamboo lid
  • Made in Britain
  • The perfect gift for any bee lover
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The Bee Revival Gift Box from Revive a Bee 🐝🐝🐝

Each Bee Revival Gift Box contains one of our Bee Revival Kits for helping tired, thirsty bees, a helpful Refill Bottle filled with our special Bee Syrup and plantable seed paper packed full of bee and pollinator-friendly wildflower seeds including Daisy, Poppy and Forget Me Not.

Pick from our selection of Bee Revival Kit colours Gold, Silver, and Black.

A percentage of each sale will be donated to Rewilding Britain via Work For Good.

Our Bee Revival Gift Box Includes:

1x Bee Revival Kit with plantable packaging (Colour of your choice)
1x Bee Revival Kit Refill Bottle

All of your bee revival tools are contained in our 100% recyclable mailing boxes.

The Story Behind The Bee Revival Gift Box:

We wanted to try and make a gift box packed full of bee saving tools to complement our Bee Revival Kits.

Our Bee Revival Kits are the perfect way to help tired thirsty bees on their travels and are great for the Autumn and Winter months when solitary bees can struggle to find food sources.

Our Refill Bottle comes with a glass pipette so you can easily replace the Bee Syrup within your keyring and acts as a perfect Revival Kit for your home and garden.

🌱🌱🌱 Our Plantable Seed seed paper packaging is packed full of Wildflowers Seeds including Daisy, Myosotis and Poppy. We recommend planting these from March to April under a thin layer of soil in a pot or in your garden. Once planted, water regularly and don't let the paper dry out to ensure germination and beautiful Wildflowers.

🐾🐾🐾 Supports Rewilding Britain - A percentage of every sale will be donated to Rewilding Britain via Work For Good. We work closely with Rewilding Britain to ensure we are helping all wildlife, not just bees and pollinators. They support projects all across the UK with aim of making the world a better place by restoring wild nature.

Be kind to all of beekind and make sure you're always carrying a revival kit for tired thirsty bees. Bees have never needed help as much as they do now. We need to band together and do everything we can to help bees all across the world.

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1% of every sale will be donated to Rewilding Britain via Work For Good. 

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Keyring Colour

Black, Black & Gold, Gold, Silver, Gold & Gold


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