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Revive a Bee

Bee Hive Smoker Stainless Steel

  • IDEAL DESIGN FOR BEEKEEPING - Bee Smoker with removable fire base plate and high-quality durable vinyl bellows for superior airflow to grow smoke efficiently
  • COMMERCIAL GRADE QUALITY - Made of heavy-duty stainless steel with heat shield protection. A mounting hook and safety hook on the top will prevent you from burns and scalds.
  • EASY TO LIGHT - Simply place some newspaper into the smoker, light the fire, pump the bellow, then add some fuel, and let the smoker do its' job. 
  • SAFE - Features a strong metal heat shield to protect from burns, and has an easy-to-open lid tab.11 x 8 inches commercial smoker can also be used as a deer hunting scent cover-up.
  • ADDITIONAL TIPS - We recommend you to smoke between the middle of the morning and the middle of the afternoon as bees are more likely to search for pollen and they're not around the hive.


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Revive a Bee

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