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Five Ways You Can save a bee Today

It’s never been as important to help our furry black and yellow friends. With the combination of harmful pesticides, mechanised farming, habitat destruction and climate change the odds really are stacked against them. It’s our job as the planets guardians to reverse the current decrease in bee population levels. We need to band together to reverse this imminent catastrophe. Save a bee, save ourselves.

We’ve tried to create this page as a go to location for all the ways you can help bee kind and by reading this you already are.
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1.Get Planting To Save A Bee

It really is as easy as it sounds. Creating a friendly environment where bees can thrive has never been so easy. The team over at Friends Of The Earth created a fantastic article and extensive list on Bee Friendly Plants For Every Season. Who doesn’t want a beautiful garden which is doing some real good at the same time. We love to see your hard work to help the bees so don’t hesitate to send us pictures of your bee friendly gardens full of our little friends.
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2. Revive a Bee

It’s never been so easy to help bee kind! How may times have you come across a tired bee on you travels? Well with our handy thirst aid kit you’ll always be ready to help. Containing a solution ideal to give a worn out bee the buzz it needs. Helping it to get back to the hive with all that weighty pollen.

The thirst aid kit fits neatly on to your key ring to ensure you’re always ready to save a bee at anytime. The best bit? Once you’ve revived your first bee simply follow the instructions within your first aid kit to refill our handy corked vial and your all set for your next rescue.

This first aid kit can be the difference between life and death for our little friends and that’s why Revive a Bee’s handy thirst aid kit comes in at a strong second.
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3. Put Away Those Pesky Pesticides

This has been a relatively new development in terms of the bee timeline but is having a catastrophic effect on bee populations worldwide. By using industrial pesticides we are coating the bees environment in a form of poison which is leading to Colony Collapse Disorder.

There are methods to reduce the impact of pesticides such as spraying at night and moving towards less toxic derivations but as it stands most pesticides will directly or indirectly harm bee kind.

We’ve added some links below to some articles that give a more in depth look at the situation.

Pesticides Are Harming Bees In Literally Every Way – Wired Magazine

Bees And Pollinators – Pesticide Action Network UK
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4. Organic And Local Isn't Just Good For You

Yep you heard right, organic farming is great for bees too. Small organic and local farms haven’t got the same mechanised processes that are severely damaging to bees worldwide. In general organic farms will have up to 30% more bees and 50% more pollinating species due to less harmful farming methods. You can read more here.

Europe is currently experiencing huge declines in bee population caused in part by the widespread use of commercial farming techniques. This is also a factor in the UK leading to the loss of far to many species.

As far back as 2013 Dr Lynn Dicks stated the following “Every square kilometre in the UK has lost an average of 11% of bee and hoverfly, between 1980 and 2013, according to the new analysis.”
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5. Save A Bee By Spreading The Word

The best thing all of us can do is try and raise awareness. Whatever your medium try and communicate the plight of the bees. You’ll be doing yourself and the world a favour and giving us a chance to reverse this imminent catastrophe.


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