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Revive a Bee Is Now Crowdfunding On Indiegogo

We are very excited to announce that Revive a Bee is now crowdfunding on Indiegogo! We want to expand our bee revival product offering by creating a gold and black version of our bee revival keyring. We’re aiming to raise £1000 in total, this is the perfect opportunity to purchase our black and gold keyrings at a discounted price before launch. We will also be redesigning our seed paper packaging to fall in line with our new products so keep your eyes peeled for our new look seed paper.

Take a look at the campaign here:

Revive a Bee on Indiegogo

Our new run of bee revival capsules will be engraved with our new logo and will arrive attached to our seed paper packaging, ensuring that you can help bees in as many ways as possible with just a few simple tools. Both the black and gold editions will be available to pre-order on our Indiegogo campaign, we are offering a special discount to anyone who helps us achieve our goal so if you’ve been waiting for summer to get your bee boosting keyring then now might be a perfect time.

As part of our crowdfunding campaign, we had the pleasure of creating a short animation to try and explain what we do. You can find it below (we really like it):

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