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Revive a Bee

Our Story

Our Story

To start our story we need to go way back to circa 2008 at the F1 Grand Prix in Silverstone. We were both lucky enough to land jobs as event stewards. Amongst the branded merchandise that got thrown our way was a small metal container attached to a lanyard. Upon further inspection it became clear it contained ear defenders. Little did we know, later that day those ear defenders would become our most prized possession. To say it was loud is an understatement, it was deafening. Even with ear defenders the roar was beyond a comfortable volume.

Needless to say the free promotional ear defenders didn't come with a guarantee so these were placed in the bin after I finished with them but the metal capsule they came in seemed worthy of keeping. I certainly wouldn't call myself a hoarder but I felt like this little capsule needed to serve another purpose. On the final day of the event I was getting a drink at one of the food stalls and I noticed a tired looking bee on the floor. I asked the food stall for some water and they gave me a sugar sachet and within 15 minutes the bee was buzzing again.

It was at this point the empty capsule around my neck immediately had a purpose and I had the idea of carrying an emergency sugar around with you specifically for bees and contained nicely in an aluminium container. Sadly like many other ideas I've had over the years, this one was put to the side while I concentrated on other work commitments. 

Fast forward 6 years. I was helping Paul with a house move. As we quantified Paul's belongings in to boxes I saw the quick shimmer as light hit polished metal. The ear defenders! After all those years they'd popped up again. Well maybe not the defenders but the capsule they came in. We reminisced about nearly losing our hearing, dodging through the crowds of people all those years ago but most importantly, that little bee we saved.

As we chatted the idea of Revive a Bee started to take shape. Earlier that day I'd come across another tired bee that had been struggling to escape from inside my window. I already knew my best course of action was sugar and water so I mixed a half and half sugar/water solution and collected a tiny amount on a teaspoon. For a good 15 seconds I watched as the energy giving fluid was sipped up by the bee. Then the real magic happened. The slight flutter similar to an engine firing up. Lift off! 

Sadly for the second time, everything else started to get in the way. Work, travelling and just life in general. The idea never went away but the opportunity to act eluded us. 

Then Corona (COVID-19) came along. Getting forced in to house arrest is not my first choice for a creative and productive environment but we rolled with the punches. Now a few months later here we are. Revive a Bee is a reality and we are finally realising our dream after so many years. We're here to help save Britain's Bees!

beeing kind doesn't have to be hard

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We started Revive A Bee to try and educate people about the decline of Bees globally and to provide a platform to push pro bee practices ranging from day to day life all the way to global legislation. We may be small but we can make a huge difference!

Myself and Paul have been passionate about preservation of all of mother natures little friends but never has it been so important as it is today. With Bee populations plummeting globally with no end in sight it is up to us and you to try and stop the trend and get our little winged friends back on the up!

Bee Happy, Bee Kind...

Ed and Paul

Want to join us?

We're constantly on the lookout for businesses we can partner with based on our shared passion and vision for helping the environment and saving the bees. If you're interested in stocking any of our products in your store or you'd like to work with us on one of our projects don't hesitate to give us a buzz!

Revive a Bee

Revive a Bee® is a registered trademark and trading name of Isca Brands Limited.

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