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Invertbee – The Perfect Solution For Tired Thirsty Bees

Last updated on September 21st, 2023 at 12:36 pm

When we created Revive a Bee our goal was to make a bee revival kit that was not only great for humans but great for bees as well, which led us to Invertbee. We looked at the best possible solutions (no pun intended) to fill our thirst aid kits. The obvious option was the classic 1/1 mix of white sugar and water. However, after a little research, we discovered the conflict of opinions surrounding the subject and even an attempt to spread disinformation under the guise of Sir David Attenborough.

invertbee syrup
Invertbee for a bee revival kit

What is invertbee?

A high-density sugar syrup made up of fructose and glucose. Specifically designed for consumption by bees with a long shelf life it’s mainly used as a substitute for natural resources when they become scarce as seasons dictate. Invertbee will then be left out by beekeepers to ensure the managed hives have ample food for the winter period and on the occasion of the June gap when nectar can become scarce.

Invertbee and our bee revival kit

When we were designing our bee revival kit we wanted to make sure that everything we did benefited bees. After doing lots of research we found that while a sugar and water solution for bees is fine in small amounts if found within a hive in large concentrations, sugar and water can crystallise.

Invertbee the perfect solution

This discovery lead us on to other avenues that would be more suitable for our Bee Revival Kit. Invertbee was the perfect solution and meant that we could be safe in the knowledge our Bee Revival Kit did nothing but help.

the science behind invertbee

Invertbee is consists of mainly sugar beet, this has been inverted using a protein enzyme. The process allows for much easier digestion than the stereotypical sugar and water solution.

Produced in a strictly sterile environment to ensure its quality and ensure it is free from any potentially harmful substances like neonicaitinoids and HMF: hydroxyl methyl furfural both of which are very harmful to bees.

bee collecting nectar

Where can I purchase invertbee

If you are a beekeeper looking for an alternative winter feed for your honeybees Invertbee could be the perfect choice for you. We purchased a 7kg tub from Amazon but we managed to quickly find a much better deal on the 14kg Invertbee which exceeded our needs but would be perfect for managed hives.

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