Flowers are the canvas of nature, and bees are their most ardent admirers. Explore the symbiotic relationship between flowers and pollinators, and discover which blooms are bee-favorites.

Buzz Pollination

Buzz Pollination: The Rock Concert of the Plant World

Buzz pollination might be a new term for you, but if you’ve relished blueberries, cranberries, or peppers, you’ve indirectly benefited from it. These delicious crops owe their fruiting to the diligent work of wild bumblebees and other buzz pollinators. Buzz pollination, also known as sonication, is a unique and fascinating method of pollination that some …

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honey bee collecting nectar and pollen forma bee friendly flower

8 Bee-Friendly Flowers We Just Love

Bees spend their days busily buzzing from flower to flower, collecting resources to return to the nest or hive. They use various techniques to quickly identify potential sources of pollen and nectar, land and extract the precious prize. Regarding flowers and bees, not all flowers are equal; some will contain significantly more forage, while others …

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