why do bees make hives

How Do Bees Make Hives

The classic honeycomb appearance of a beehive is an iconic image. From my very early years, I can remember the hexagonal patterns adorning my favourite storybooks. I always imagined beehives to be the equivalent of pubs for us, where bees go and guzzle honey together and reminisce after a hard day of collecting nectar and …

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how do bees reproduce

How Do Bees Reproduce?

Bee reproduction is a complex process with requires forward planning and teamwork on a grand scale. The process requires help from all the bees in the hive to ensure the species’ survival. This delicate dance of life is essential to crop pollination globally and is responsible for 75% of pollination in the United Kingdom. Honeybees …

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bee resting on honeycomb

How Do Bees Make Honey?

Honeybees are responsible for pollinating around 75% of the United Kingdom’s fruit, vegetables and nuts. This essential service is in fact a secondary benefit of the honeybee’s primary goal. Find out which fruits bees pollinate. Honey provides a perfect source of food for long winters in the hive and has been a source of precious …

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