wildflowers grown from a variety of seed bombs

The Best Wildflower Seed Bombs

Last updated on February 27th, 2023 at 02:19 pm

A seed bomb is a clay ball that has seeds and compost in it. You can throw them on your lawn or in a garden to start growing plants.

Wildflower seed bombs are made from a variety of things, but typically include clay, compost and wildflower seeds. It’s an easy way to get started with gardening and plant propagation—all you have to do is toss them out and let nature take its course!

Seed bombs are perfect for spreading seeds in places where germination would otherwise be difficult or impossible and have become incredibly popular with the growing guerilla gardening movement.

If you’re mad about bees you should check out our guide on seed bombs specifically for bees and pollinators in our short read what are bee bombs?

Let’s take a look at some of the best seed bombs available today from a range of small businesses that have made seeds their speciality!

Our favourite wildflower seed bombs

We’ve curated a careful list of wildflower seed bomb suppliers that focus on sustainable manufacturing processes and high-quality native seeds perfect for bees and pollinators.

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When should I plant my seed bombs?

You can either plant your seed bombs in early spring (March to April) or in Autumn (September). Just be aware that if you plant your seed bombs in Autumn you won’t see any flowering plants till the following year but the bloom will be significantly greater than the first bloom of seeds planted in early Spring.

How long will it take for my seed bombs to grow?

If you plant in March or April you may see some wildflowers that same year but in most cases, flowering will be much more prolific in the second year and following years as the plant’s root systems fully mature.

Do seed bombs grow back every year?

Yes, in many cases the seed bombs you sow will only truly flower the year after. This is particularly true if you plant your seed bombs in Autumn.

Do I need to prepare the soil before sowing my seed bombs?

Yes, taking the time to rake your sowing area will help the seeds within your bombs germinate and grow. While this isn’t essential if you’re planting in your own garden or wild area we strongly recommend preparing the soil beforehand for the best results.