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12 May 2022
Bumblebee gifts for friends and loved ones

Looking for the perfect bumblebee themed gift for a friend or loved one? We've got you covered with our extensive list of bumblebee gifts for every budget and occasion. Bumblebee gifts Here's our carefully selected range of unique, thoughtful gifts for the bumblebee lover in your life! A super-soft bumblebee blanket perfect for snuggling on […]

9 May 2022
What are bee bombs?

Bee bombs are small spheres created by mixing together soil, clay and a range of seeds. Bee bombs in particular focus on a range of seeds rich in nectar and pollen to try and provide resources for bees and other pollinators. Bee bombs, often referred to as seed bombs or bee balls have become very […]

1 December 2021
The 5 Best Bee Hotels On Amazon

We've never been more aware of the plight of the bees. Bee populations struggle due to several external factors like habitat destruction, industrial farming, disease, and parasites. It's important to understand that not all bees need or use bee hotels. When you install a bee hotel in you are actively helping solitary bees such as […]

22 March 2021
A Bee Boost Keyring to Help Revive a Tired Bee

Bee Boost Keyring is needed now more than ever. On Saturday the 20th of March we celebrated the 2021 spring equinox, which marks the first day of astronomical spring. It's this time of year that bees need our help the most. Spring Blossom Watch - Give Bees a Boost The temperature is changing, the sun […]


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