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how long do bees live for

How Long Does A Bee Live For?

While there isn’t one single answer to how long does a bee live for, the western honeybee worker lives for between 35 – 180 days based on several factors including season and location. Bumblebee workers live for less time in between 13-41 days. How Long do honeybees live for? Type Of Honeybee Life Cycle Queen …

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three bees drinking

How To Save A Dehydrated Bee?

You can learn how to save a dehydrated bee in three easy steps just by following our simple guide below. step 1: assess if your bee is in need of help If you find a tired bee in a garden full of pollen and nectar-rich flowers, chances are it may have come to the end …

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queen bee

What happens if you kill a queen bee?

Honeybee queens release a pheromone while in the hive which communicates their presence and reign to their subjects. When leaving to mate a honeybee queen will release this pheromone in larger amounts to ensure her workers are aware of her continued monarchy and do not start the process of replacing her. A honeybee queen’s typical …

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why do bees make hives

How Do Bees Make Hives

The classic honeycomb appearance of a beehive is an iconic image. From my very early years, I can remember the hexagonal patterns adorning my favourite storybooks. I always imagined beehives to be the equivalent of pubs for us, where bees go and guzzle honey together and reminisce after a hard day of collecting nectar and …

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bee resting on honeycomb

How Do Bees Make Honey?

Honeybees are responsible for pollinating around 75% of the United Kingdom’s fruit, vegetables and nuts. This essential service is in fact a secondary benefit of the honeybee’s primary goal. Find out which fruits bees pollinate. Honey provides a perfect source of food for long winters in the hive and has been a source of precious …

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