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the garden bumble bee

The Garden Bumblebee

The Bombus hortorum, also known as the garden bumblebee, is a species of bumblebee that is native to Europe. These bees are important pollinators for a variety of plants, including fruits and vegetables, and are known for their distinctive yellow and black striped pattern. They’re considered as one of the ‘big 7’, one of seven …

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the leafcutter bee

The Leafcutter Bee

The leafcutter or leafcutting bee is a fascinating species of bee belonging to the genus Megachile which also includes resin bees and mason bees. This belongs to the much larger Megachilidae cosmopolitan family made up of solitary bee species. Leafcutter bees have gained their name due to their ability to cut out leaves and petals from plants …

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About Revive a Bee

Hey, we’re Ed and Paul, creators of Revive a Bee – we want to help you, help bees! Revive a Bee was created by two lifelong friends with a passion for the environment and the dream of a better future. We’re on a mission to promote the plight of all bees (not just honeybees) globally. …

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stingless bees collecting pollen and nectar

Everything You Need To Know About The Stingless Bee

Stingless bees are a large group of species all comprised within the tribe Meliponini of the greater Apidae family and are often referred to as stingless honeybees. Stingless bees are eusocial just like honeybees meaning they display a high level of social intelligence displayed by females raising young with the support and cooperation of non-reproductive …

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bee farting mid air

Do bees fart?

Yes, bees can fart just like humans! Honeybees ingest pollen which is passed down into their honey stomachs and middle gut to be digested. Digested matter travels to the hindgut to be expelled as excrement, any air present in the fecal matter at the time of expulsion will become a bee fart. How do bees …

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