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A-Z of Bees in Flashcards - Digital Download

22 March 2021
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We've created the A-Z of Bees and arranged them into cool flashcards! Did you ever have flashcards when you were a kid? Here at Revive a Bee we all have memories of playing different memory games with our parents. With so many different bee species and so much to learn about the environment we wanted to try and recreate some of our own childhood memories using fun creative bee cartoon characters.

Alphabet Bee Flashcards - Printable Files

We have designed a complete A-Z set of bee characters and arranged them into set of PDF files for a fun way to help your kids learn not only the alphabet, but about how many different bee species there are. Where possible we have tried to use real bees as cartoon characters. Check out the Alphabet Bee Flashcards here.

Included with the files are 3 different versions of the bee flashcards plus a poster that can be used for revision. One version of the bee flashcards includes the letter, the cartoon character and the name of he bee. The second version just has the cartoon and the name and the final version of the bee flashcards includes just the cartoon image of the bee.

What bees aren't real?

It is just about possible to complete the alphabet using title names of bee species but when you get to letters like J, U and X you really have to start stretching the scientific names. This is obviously great for some things but we want to help introduce bees to kids an at early stage so we've had to be a bit creative with some of the caricatures. For example;

J - Jumping Bee. While it's thought some bees might jump from flower to flower it's not well documented.
U - Unicorn Bee. As much as we all want to believe it, sadly this bee has not yet been discovered. We can hope!
X - X-Ray Bee. It's been documented that some rainforest bees evolved to have x-ray vision. Questionable?

Take a look at the complete A-Z Bee flashcard alphabet and see if you can find any other cool bees and please, let us know what you think?

Alphabet Flashcards - Cartoon Bees

Bee Flashcard Memory Games

As part of the digital download we have also included a reverse design for the cards. This means you can print this on the back on the back of the flashcards and you have your own bee playing cards. For memory games including pick a pair or to play snap you can simply print the files twice and then print the reverse design on the back. To print all cards you will need 7 pieces of thick paper or card-stock. To print the cards twice so you can play snap or find a pair, you will need 14 pieces of chosen paper.

Where can I buy them?

At the moment the cards are only available as digital downloads here on our website and also on Etsy. We're in the early stages of testing the market and fine tuning the product. Initial feedback suggest that we need to change the character for the letter E as this is the only character that doesn't represent the phonetic sound of the letter. It's a same because the early bumblebee was one of our favorites but I'm sure you'll find him bumbling around the website somewhere...

What are your thoughts?

We'd love to hear your feedback and we want to know how you're using the cards. Your feedback will really help us develop better products so we can help educate kids about bees.

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